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Water’s Edge Resort CT Wedding : Carla + George

Today we are featuring the super happy, emotional wedding day of Carla + George!  This couple’s happy energy is so contagious, and their love shines through their lovely smiles.  We met Carla + George 4ish years ago.  You see, every year we fotograph the Valentine’s Ball put on be Lea’s Foundation for Leukemia Research.  Lea was George’s sister, and sadly she pasted away as a teenager after a couragious battle with leukemia.

Every year we see Carla + George together at the Ball, as well as a few weddings that we’ve fotographed that they’ve been guests too….You’ll probably recognize Sylvia and Stefan in some pictures in this post ;  )  Carla + George are that couple that just seems so perfect together.  Every time we saw them, we jokingly asked when they were getting married….and that we wanted to fotograph it!  Well, this past Ball, we found out that George had just popped the question!  Read Carla’s writeup below to find out how : )

Carla + George, it was such a pleasure to capture such a fun and memorable day…..we look forward to being your fotographers as you’re family grows : )

Carla writes:

How you guys met, the proposal…..what is your love story?

The proposal….

George called me frantically while I was Christmas shopping.  He sounded like he was stressed out at work and was extrememly hungry.  He asked to go out for dinner and soon…. So, I agreed.  I was happy to hear I didn’t have to cook.:)  However, I do love to cook.

George came home and picked me up for dinner and as we were driving, I was questioning myself where are we going… We were driving towards Hartford, CT…  I thought nice!  We must be going to Peppercorns, we haven’t been there in a while. Now, this restaurant is where everything special in George’s life happens.  So we walk in and the hostess said, You called, right? Yup.. But, nothing else…

We were seated in a quiet corner by the window in a room all by ourselves. George later tells me he asked for a quite corner, but didn’t think that quiet. 😉 

 So, he ordered “wine” really champagne.  He hands me a piece of paper and said he wrote a poem for me.  Now, I wasn’t really suspicious because he told me he was working on writing one and I knew he likes doing this kind of thing.  We read it together…  The poem was written in a way, that each line represented every year together.  At the end of the poem read, ” WYMM “.  I almost dismissed it… but looked at it again… I usually can read George’s slew of letters as a sentence.  For some reason that day, it was going over my head.

All of a sudden it can to me… I turned to George and said “really”  he said… yes’. I said “are you sure?” he said ” yes, Will you marry me?” (pulling the ring out from his pocket) and I said ” OF COURSE” 😉  George also asked if I could be the sunshine in his life.  I will always!

That was the happiest day of our lives.

What was important to you as you planned?

When planning my wedding is was about thinking of all the important people in our lives here and past.  So, with all the details with colors, flowers and the places we went to all had a meaning.

Colors… Purple is one of my favorite colors and it represents my birthday and birthday stone (amethyst)…. It happens to also be the same month George’s sister pasted away in.  That’s where the color orange comes it to play.  There were accents of orange to represent leukemia the deadly disease that took her from us.  The roses were for my grandfather that passed away and I wanted to put the love he had for roses in the wedding for him.  The church St. George’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral is where George’s family has great meaning to and that both George and I have found a great comfort going there.  We couldn’t have gotten married anywhere else.  Father George has also made it very special to us, where we will to continue going and have a great sense of community there.  Water’s Edge Resort and Spa is where the beach is a place where we find a sense of calm and beauty. It is our happy place… J    

What was your inspiration?

The day I found out my true personality and taste when looking for a wedding gown…  I was told that I was traditional, simple yet elegant and brought a little something bright.  The rest of the inspiration came from  each other and what we both love.  We fed off each other….

How did you make your wedding uniquely yours?

Just by being ourselves.

Details, details, details! 

 Well!!! The bridesmaid shoes…. Let start from the beginning… lol.  So we pick out the dresses and later went out to look for shoes.  We… well I thought I found the perfect pair.  But, to my despair they weren’t the right pair. When the dress came it in a week in a half before the wedding noticed the shoes didn’t go.  So I went out found another and paired it with the dress… nope and too short of a heal…  so next we find what we think it the perfect pair again online but nope now the heal is to high!  Now we went out again… looked and looked…. Now we find the right shoe but it had the wrong accent flower.  So, I took the flower off and George helped with taking the flower off the first pair of shoes… and I replaced the flower with a new one and added a broach pin. 

 I also couldn’t find the style guest book and pen to go with my theme of things… so I bought one that was ivory and replace all the accent pins and added a new one.  Also, the pen was gold so I painted it silver. 

I had made many trips to Michael’s craft stores…

Your favorite memories/ highlights of the day?

Marrying my best friend!!!!  Oh and the band of course!  Night Rhythm was the BEST band ever!

Advice you’d give other brides that you learned from your own experience?

Don’t stress… it will all get done and if you’re missing something no one will notice… we planned it all in 4 months!  Everything will come together.  And all that matters is you really want is marry your best friend!!!

The Planner : DIY by Carla/ Maggie Bascom
The Dress :  Mariella’s Rocky Hill
The Hair Stylist : Nina McFerrin – JohnPaul Spa Salon
The Makeup Artist : Milano’s – Angelica
The Jewelry :  Mariella’s and Sparkle
The Rings : Lux Bond and Green, West Hartford
The Groom’s Attire : Jos A Bank
The Ceremony Site : St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral
The Stationary : Greeting Shoppe
The Officiant : Father George
The Reception Venue : Water’s Edge Resort and Spa
The Floral Design : Victorian Garden
The Music : Wildwood Group (cocktail hour), Night Rhythm (band)
The First Dance Song : I won’t give up, Jason Mraz


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