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Meet Paul & Krystal


A Little About Us

15 years ago, Paul and I fell in love, as we watched the sunrise over the campus at the University of Connecticut. As fellow photo students, we had met in the darkroom and always joked that we had “good chemistry.” On an icy mountain-top in December of 2008, Paul proposed to me, as the most glorious sunset warmed our faces. On 10.10.10. we joined hands and hearts as husband and wife. Five days after our first anniversary, a magical and amazing day, our little girl Penelope entered our lives, forever changing and reaffirming our love and bond! That became the best day of our lives, and everyday since has been a new, beautiful adventure together as a family!

Our Purpose : To Celebrate Connection between People in Love with Honest, Timeless Photographs!!

We love photographing love and connection… The love you share when you decide to spend the rest of your lives together; the love overflowing from your soul as you take your vows; the love in your eyes as you hold your newborn baby close to your heart.  We understand how important it is to plan a wedding that is a reflection of who YOU are as a couple. We understand how important it is to tell YOUR story, through images that are timeless and natural.  We are passionate about our art and thrive on real, unabashed emotion, letting our hearts capture moments through the lens of our cameras.   And we’d be truly honored to be part of these very beautiful experiences in your life’s journey together.  Paul and I want to be your photographers for life, creatively and emotionally capturing YOUR LOVE.

Our Own Wedding!

Our wedding ceremony was so magical, personal, emotional and symbolic, and more real than anything I’ve ever experienced. One of our best friends, Eric, “married” us that day, on top of a circle platform of tree trunks built by Paul. It was truly magical; the sun was shining, warming our faces, as our friends & family in sat on hay bales and on eclectic vintage furniture, in circle around us, literally surrounding us with their love. Everything was so vivid; the colors, the music, everyone’s smiling (and tearing) faces. If there is any advice I could give another couple getting married, it would be look around and try to absorb everything around you; take it all in. I can’t explain how amazing a feeling it was to feel all the love surrounding us. It was literally radiating from every single person present! Ah, all you need is love…

If you like to see some of our wedding photos, check out these THREE posts the were featured on Style Me Pretty!  One lovely person wrote this comment about our wedding on Style Me Pretty….””The most magical wedding I’ve ever ever seen!”  Awww–thank you!!!

SMP POST 1      SMP POST 2      SMP POST 3

We were so honored to have our wedding featured in print in The Connecticut Bride magazine, and also on The Connecticut Bride web article:

We had not one, but TWO amazing film makers document the day, and these short films really sum up the magic in an artful way beyond words!

Here’s Jim Alteri’s from Vintage Cinema‘s beautiful vintage-style film:

And Filmmaker Jeremy White‘s super hip film:


All Our Love,

Paul & Krystal (and Penny too!)