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Northampton Love Shoot by Eric of Studio Foto

It was a beautiful summer day when I first met Kristen and James on the rooftop of Northampton Brewing, we met to discuss photography for their upcoming wedding. I sat down and the conversation began instantly, this couple was so charismatic, so warm and so amazing together. We talked of art and beer, photography and travel and most importantly our love of Northampton and Western Massachusetts. We ate an early dinner together and chatted like old friends. I instantly fell in love with them as a couple and hoped they fell in love with me as their photographer.

Now let’s fast forward to a gorgeous day early in September when I met up with Kristen and “Jamo” at a favorite NoHo spot before heading out for their love shoot. They were perched upon bar stools and holding hands when I got there, their wide smiles lighting up the room. This is a couple so adorably in love, so totally into each other, so full of life. They set off a few minutes later to explore a hidden trail leading to the Connecticut River, wander around downtown, dance in the gardens at Smith College and enjoy a beautiful day together. I was so lucky to meet such an adventurous couple so undeniably in love with each other, I cant wait for their apple orchard wedding this coming summer.


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