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My Dear Parents:)

Today marks my parents 43rd Anniversary, And my fathers 69th Birthday…

HAPPY Anniversary and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dad:)

I am so lucky to have Paula and Robert as my parents!! I try not to take them for granted, these people are amazing!! My mom is resilient , strong, loving, disorganized, late, a bit crazy, emotional, honest, hard working, a bit old fashioned, and a huge dork;) My dad is quiet, honest, hard working, stoic, Irish:) In life they balance each other out, they raised three children the best way they could and in my belief they were some of the best parents ever!

Throughout my school years they were positive about my interests nourishing all that was reasonable. Even the “I am playing ice hockey this year” the first week of my freshman year…never saying out loud “but you can’t skate backwards” or “i don’t think we can afford that…” they just figured it out and my mother brought me to practice 3-4 times a week with out a compliant!

Then in December 1992 My father was in a horrible car accident. Man that was tough! Massive head trauma and coma. Doctors telling us about the low probability of survival or about the quality of life a head trauma patient if they do survive… He was one of the only people in the trauma wing that walked out of the hospital and if you didn’t know him before you would probably not realize he had this accident. Life is different, how I don’t know but it just is. I am so grateful for his survival, I love you dad!!!

I wanted to be a vet since I can remember, I went to a vo-ag high school and then after 5 years of Pre-vet at UCONN I came home and told them I switched to Animal Science with a huge amount of art classes. “No problem, as long as your happy!” Some thoughts they probably had…”Is paul ever going to graduate?” or “what is he going to do when he graduates?” or maybe not because they gave me the skills of perseverance and resourcefulness and they trusted it would be ok.

Then in 2000 they supported me in starting a business with my girlfriend (Krystal;) and again in 2003 purchasing a commercial building to house our new business with absolutely no plan on how we were going to restore the building…ugh!

My parents have been their for me whenever I needed to be helped financially or emotionally! Always understanding that it will work itself out. I love you guys!!!


Happy anniversary and Birthday:) I love you for who you are and what you have taught me!!!

Your son Paul.

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  • Erin - August 19, 2016 - 3:02 pm

    I just saw this for the first time. I’m in tears. Thanks for doing this. These pictures are so funny! And full of Love.

  • carolyn light - April 1, 2014 - 8:12 am

    Amazing photographs Paul and Crystal! I use your site to teach my high school students about photography that shows strong design and emotion!

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