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Meet Paul

8795004742-R1-E011Welcome to my bio, where I am going to write a brilliant statement about who I am and why I would be an awesome choice to have at your wedding!

Where to start…. I LOVE life! I mean it, being alive is so amazing! Each day is a new start… I always wake up with my brain buzzing about what sort of trouble I can get in ;)- start a big project or finish one of the 100+ ones I have already started.  In 2010 I married my sweetie Krystal and in 2011 we had the best thing happen to us…Penelope was born!  There is NOTHING like a little girl saying “I love you, daddy” and giving you a big hug!

I went to UCONN and majored in Animal Science with a concentration in Equine Science. During my 6 wonderful years a UCONN I also studied a bunch of other stuff…Philosophy, Anthropology, Art (photography and ceramics). I love learning but after the 6 years I decided it was enough, lol.  Some of my friends and I ponder what it’s like to be great at one thing- like olympic great! My ADD is way too bad for that, so I decided I am practicing for the first ever “learning” event for the Olympics. I am not holding my breath but if it ever come I GOT IT;-)

So Photography…. Yup, I did it in Highschool and in college, was published in college, I met my amazing stupendous lady, Krystal, at UCONN and she convinced me to open Studio Foto LLC in 2000 and here we are. In the past 14 years I have honed my skills and specialize in Wedding and Boudoir Photography.

I love weddings, my favorite weddings are ones that the bride and groom shirk all of the modern restraints of a “wedding” and put together an event that truly represents who they are as individuals and as a couple! I especially like shooting boudoir! LOL, NO its not like that!  I truly love it because of the ultimate level of trust a stranger is willing to give me. I work hard on a boudoir shoot because it’s so rewarding when a client LOVES her images!

So who am I you ask? I am a 6’3″ hugger that loves life and will be your best friend if you ask, I am a person that holds family and friends on a pedestal and will give WAY more than receive. I am that guy that will say yes way too much (currently working on it 😉 I am honest and one of the hardest working people you will ever meet, I rarely get tired and will almost always go to an after party if invited. Once you get to know me you will inevitably say “what haven’t you done?” So at the humor of some people I am listing all of the jobs I have ever had:

  • Newspaper Delivery boy
  • Soda Stand owner
  • Strawberry picker
  • produce picker and farm stand runner
  • Carpenter
  • Cow Milker
  • Custom Butcher shoppe meat cutter (and grunt)
  • Manager of the UCONN meat lab
  • Manager and buyer of Bo0gers Clothing a footwear
  • Bicycle Mechanic
  • Uconn Dairy Bar (ice cream maker)
  • Juice Factory lab tech
  • Car salesman (VW of course)
  • Bicycle shop Manager
  • Dog and Cat Food Rep (only for 2 days does that count?)
  • Horse Barn grunt (pigs and sheep also)
  • Daily Campus Photographer
  • Video Rental and 1hour photo Store
  • Waiter
  • Home Remodeler (kitchen and Bathroom)
  • Photography Studio Owner (that’s the best!)

Wow!  I don’t think I have ever done that….

Style! Sometimes people ask me what my style is, in life and in photography.  Photography is easy!  LOVE and all that goes with it!  Life….is a bit more entailed and I am still trying to figure it out, but as long as there are bowties, brogues, bourbon, single malt, and amazing timepieces available I am GOOD! My style is fun and eclectic, I may have a beard or a handlebar mustache, short hair or longish hair.
Come get to know me, we can have a beer or a bourbon….laugh, be ourselves and make great images of you and your loved ones :-)
Random Facts: I am a certified SCUBA Diver, I was the Vice president to f the UCONN Poultry Club (lol),  love Ice Climbing and cooking…oh and gardening 😉

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    We need a lot more inhtisgs like this!

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