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Love Shoot : Stacey + Doug : Sailing on the CT River

We are so excited to be part of Stacey + Doug’s wedding, coming up this weekend up in New Hampshire!  These two are getting married on beautiful Cannon Mountain in the White Mountains!  We are so thrilled……it’s going to be a gorgeous weekend!  This couple’s positive energy and love of life is so contagious, and their love for one another is so obvious, that spending the day with them for their Love Shoot was a blast!  One of things Stacey + Doug love to do together is sail on their beauty of a a boat, named “Wayward Sun” (yes after that awesome song by Kansas-  and no I’m not too young to love that song : )  So when they asked if we could fotograph them doing their thing, enjoying the sunshine with a day of sailing, we of course jumped at the opportunity!  It unfortunately was very, very windy that day, so we couldn’t full out sail, but we took the boat out on the Connecticut anyway, anchored and then took the dingy out for a spin to a tiny little island they like to hang out on.  Stacey + Doug-  What a fun day we had with you guys—thank you!  We are looking forward to all the fun you have planned this weekend…..see you soon :  )


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