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Love Shoot : Shannon + Steve : A Lovely Field in Stafford Springs

Tomorrow our lovely friends Shannon + Steve are getting hitched!  And we are so honored to be there with them, not only to fotograph this day in their lives together, but as friends witnessing two beautiful souls come together.

Shannon is an incredible (actually that is an understatement) artist here in Stafford Springs.  She creates some of the most lovely paintings I’ve ever seen, and hopefully someday I can enjoy one in my home.  You HAVE to check out her work on her website…..

Steve is the man behind Clear Point Center, a retreat center for wellness in mind, body and spirit.  This is a little bit about the Center, off the website: “For six years, ClearPoint Center has been about responsibility for self and love for all. We care about eco-living, sustainability, entrepreneurship, sacred commerce, sharing beauty through art, conscious living… and much more.”

This couple’s positive energy surrounds them like a glow, and I know I’m not the only one inspired by them.  Shannon’s radiant smile is not only worn on her face, it radiates from her very soul, and it’s hard not to smile being around her.  She’s just that kind of gal.  Steve’s quiet, contemplative nature and sparkly, smiling blue eyes make him easy to talk with, not to; for you can tell when you have a conversation with him he is completely there, listening and thinking about every word.  To say that we are so thrilled to be with them tomorrow, as they join their hands to become husband and wife, would be an understatement.  These two are truly kindred spirits.

A while back we had the pleasure of fotographing Shannon for a sort of “artist portrait” in a lovely field here in Stafford Springs.  During that amazing day we spent together, we also did a mini-session of Shannon + Steve together, playing in that field.  What better time to share some of these images with you than now.  Stay tuned because next week I’m doing another post of Shannon’s artist portraits.
Enjoy….Shannon + Steve we can’t wait for tomorrow….we’ve been looking forward to it for a while now.  :  )

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