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love EARTH every DAY

I’m inspired today, which happens to be Earth Day, to write this.  I write to honor the earth.  You see, to me Earth Day is Every Day.  I think it’s fine and dandy that we have a date to celebrate the earth, but in reality we need to celebrate and honor the earth each and every day.  This is the way I like to live my life.The seemingly smallest decisions that we make every day, whether it be in the things we choose throw away or the things that we decide to purchase, make an impact on this planet and all those who inhabit it.  I try to think about this every time I make a purchase or decide to throw something in the trash or even recycling bin.  This world of ours is become all too accustomed to buying new things. Every day we are bombarded with capitalistic messages to “buy, buy, buy.”  Even on this day, Earth Day, we are bombarded with Earth Day Sales, by companies capitalizing on the very thing that we need to protect!  This doesn’t seem right to me. I think it’s high time we change our focus in our pursuit for happiness.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty as anyone in finding so-called “happiness” in the pursuit for acquiring “new” and “lovely” things. But does “Retail Therapy” really make you happy?  I would have to argue a big “NO!”

Love is what makes you truly happy. Period.  My favorite saying of all time is the Beatles “all you need is love.” I actually have that quote hanging on the wall of our bedroom that my mom gave as a gift to Paul and I for our first anniversary.  It is a daily reminder for me when I wake up first thing in the morning, that truly, all you need is love.  And I’m trying so hard to live my life this way.

This past year I’ve been supporting my local thrift store and other stores of that nature when I really do need something.  If I’m really feeling inclined to purchase something new, I try to find items that are fair trade and environmentally friendly, as well as good for us humans. The things that I do surround myself with in my home and my studio are mostly sentimental, homemade, from nature, secondhand, vintage, re-purposed things, gifts, and meaningful photographs.  But in reality none of the stuff truly makes me “happy.”

So instead my “pursuit of happiness” is time spent loving my baby girl Penelope, my husband Paul, my family and friends.   My pursuit also involves enjoying nature and, more recently, making things with my own two hands.  And what does this is all boil down to? Love.  Love for your family. Love for your friends. Love for the earth and respect for everything and everybody that inhabits it.  All you need is love.

Much love on this day and all others,

Here are some favorite images we captured of ourselves this spring for you to enjoy…..
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