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Cannon Mountain New Hampshire Wedding : Stacey + Doug : Happy Anniversary!

Happy 1st Anniversary to Stacey + Doug, whom were married in July of last year up on Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire!  It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day with blue skies and a ridiculously beautiful view on Cannon Mountain.  I was very pregnant at the time, but that didn’t keep me from running all over the mountain, capturing the beauty of the day!  Stacey + Doug, it was such an honor to be part of a special time in your lives….hope you did something really special to celebrate (I’m guessing you must have spent in on your sailboat : )  To our readers: incase you missed Stacey + Doug’s AWESOME Loveshoot aboard their sailboat…..check it out here!  Stacey + Doug, thank you for treating us like your guests…Paul + I had an amazing time fotographing your wedding, as well as being there to witness it!  Paul still talks about getting up at 5am to golf with Doug and his guys that morning!  The other cool thing about the whole trip, we that the day after the wedding, we got to hang out in Franconia Notch State Park and hiked the Flume Gorge (which was so gorgeus…..gorge…..get it? : ) even though I was 7 months prego at the time….go me!  Without further ado, enjoy these images of Stacey + Doug’s beautiful day : )

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  • Jayne - May 9, 2017 - 9:19 am

    Evina naabpl:Dosrý den. V poslední době se mi líbí jeden kluk a já se mu taky líbím už jsem ho mněla na prstě ale když jsem se zeptala jedné jeho kámošky co o mně říká tak řekla že neví jestli se mnou chce chodit.Co myslíte mám u něj šanci. Prosím poradtě!!!!!

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