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Destination Wedding : Colleen + Jay : Excellence Punta Cana Resort, Dominican Republic : Part 3

Part 3 of Colleen + Jay’s beautiful destination wedding in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic ……Enjoy :  )

Jay’s dad was his best man….here’s his toast.

And Colleen’s friend Angel was her maid-of-honor….The reception was on the beach….what a naturally beautiful place to celebrate!The wedding was an intimate affair, with Colleen + Jay’s closest friends & family their to celebrate with them!

Jay’s close with his parents—I love these!

How sweet is this shot of Jay’s parents?  Still crazy about each other :  )

The resorts local musicians serenaded the guests by the light of the tiki torches.  Beautiful acoustic guitar for a beautiful evening.

The next day we got some more location shots of the beautiful Excellence Resort.

The adorable newly-weds….

There was a delicious beach barbecue featuring local cuisine, which we all enjoyed : )

And an amazing circus act followed!!!  These were some of the performers as they warmed up for the show.

We got a kick out of this….I wonder if they think it will make more people want to shop there, or if it’s purely a joke : )

Unlimited piña coladas—-yum!

And here’s the parrots again….this was right before one of them nibbled my finger.  Next time buddy—-you and me—we’re steppin’ outside! : )

If you want a relaxing vacation or destination wedding, this is definitely the place to be.

On the trip back to the airport, I fotographed some of the local scenes out the window.  Some of you might know that Paul + I are VW fanatics, so we LOVED this rastafarian bus!

Back at the airport, which had a beautiful thatched roof.

The locals were so welcoming and friendly.  I’m glad I brushed up on my spanish before we left so I could somewhat communicate with the local people.  It was funny, every time we asked somewhat at the Excellence Resort  “”¿Cómo estás?” they would reply “Muy excellente!” If you ask me, I think it was rigged.  I mean, we were in the Excellence Resort, so of course they were going to say that!  :  )   Now if I could figure out how to flip my exclamation mark.

I LOVED that we got to get off and on the airplane up a stairway!  It reminded me of the famous footage of the Beatles as they came off the plane on their first trip to America.  Those four fab lads waving and smiling to the screaming crowds.  I kept waiting for the screaming fans, but apparently all our fans were taking the day off :  )

Watch The Beatles coming to America

¡Adios Dominican Republic!  You were muy excellente!

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