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Blue Hill at Stone Barns NY Wedding : Maggie + Nathan : Part 2

Yesterday we shared a little of Maggie + Nathan’s beautiful wedding at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, and today we bring you more magic!

Maggie continues with a second favorite memory of the day….

2) the ceremony. In having a wedding of with 62 guests, it was very important to me that all of our guest feel the intimacy of the moment. There were many traditional “obstacles”: we were raised in different religions, my parents are divorced and my mom is deceased, etc., we had selected a very small wedding party of 2 bridesmaids & 2 groomsmen. However, we were able to take these obstacles and embrace them wholeheartedly.  The connection started with the fact that our shared best friend, kate was not only a bridesmaid, but her father was our officiant. We have both known Jim since we were 15 years old. Jim’s business, Ceremonies without Boundaries, is just that. Jim was able to combine my Jewish faith, Nathan’s Christian faith and our shared interest in Native American spirituality and customize a ceremony highlighting beautiful traditions from all. When faced with how I would walk down the aisle (a big consideration when you are a child of divorce, have a close step-parent and have lost your mom)…I had my dad walk me down the aisle and had my step-father wait at the first row and when we reach him, i hooked my arm into his and when Jim asked “who gives this bride” I had both my “dad’s” say “we do”.  We used a piece of my mother’s wedding vail to wrap our hands in the “blessing of the hands”. We selected a group of 7 friends we grew up with and asked them to read a modern interpretation of the 7 Hebrew Blessings and selected each blessing based on it’s meaning and connection to that friend. I guess my point in all of these details is that for me, the ceremony was really the backbone of the entire event. I mean, you can pick a beautiful location, have delicious gourmet food, flowers, decor and find yourself obsessing over the details of all of that. But I find that many times couples don’t spend the same amount of time or detail on their ceremony because it doesn’t “cost” as much as the rest of the decisions. My advice is to take the time to find an officiant that wants to get to know you as a couple and work with them to customize a ceremony that expresses who you are as individuals and as a couple.

If you haven’t seen this yet…….WATCH THIS  video by the amazing team of Jeremy White and  John Rocchetti from Fairfax Films….

The Planner :  the ridiculously creative Barbara of Hatch Creative Studio
The Dress :  from The Plumed Serpent
The Shoes :   Nina
The Ceremony Site :  Blue Hill at Stone Barns
The Reception Venue :  Blue Hill at Stone Barns
The Floral Design :  Hatch Creative Studio
The Food :  Blue Hill at Stone Barns
The Cinematographer :  Fairfax Films

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